Women's Health Symbol

    Women's Health Symbol

    To help communicate our commitment to women’s health, we created a special women’s health symbol. Inspired by the traditional universal symbol, our women’s health symbol expands our ability to highlight this commitment. The rules that follow illustrate when and how to use the symbol to emphasize our commitment to and support of women’s health, or to visually call attention to a product, service or idea related to women’s health.

    Clear Space

    This example shows the minimum amount of clear space that must be left blank around the women’s health symbol. Including this space will ensure that the symbol stands out from its background and is easily recognizable.

    Clear space must be 75% of the width of the outer edges of the symbol.

    Placeholder image

    Color Usage

    The color specifications shown here indicate how the women’s health symbol is to be treated. Do not deviate from these specifications, as they have been carefully chosen to represent the brand and the emphasis we place on women’s health. The symbol may be used as a knock out of white, overlaying approved brand colors.

    PMS 2756 C

    Women's Health Symbol Usage

      Acceptable versions

      Unacceptable use

      Acceptable versions

      Proper use of the women’s health symbol effectively highlights our focus on women’s health and differentiates our brand. Shown here are examples of acceptable usage for print, digital and other communications.

      Improper use of the women’s health symbol weakens the power of our brand. Shown here are examples of unacceptable usage.  

      Do not change the color of the women’s health symbol.

      Do not place the symbol over a photograph or busy background.

      Do not fill the women’s health symbol with a texture or pattern.

      Do not change the size or color of the word HEALTH.

      Do not incorporate the Hologic logo into the symbol.

      Do not incorporate photography into the symbol.

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