Basic Principles


      Bold Approach

      Color Fields


      The color approach is meant to create contrast, pitting very dark colors against very light ones for high legibility and bold expression.

      Limiting colors

      Boldness also is suggested through limiting the palette of pieces so that they don’t feel random. By limiting the number of tints used and making color use intentional, we can build expressive brand collateral that feels focused, on-target and sharp.

      A simple expression of color

      The colors are meant to be used in a high-contrast way, exclusive of other colors when possible. We want the information to be the hero at all times, and infographics that express it simply and powerfully, in bold expressions of the core color, will dominate. 


      Here we have a one-color, multi-tint approach that can work well for a slide or a poster where the user needs to gather information quickly.

      Color Fields

      Each color field can have a suite of tints to create graphical elements and expressions.

      Using color tints

      Three color tints and white can be used against each of the color fields for the purpose of infographics. This creates a unified effect that still jumps off the page and communicates.

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