Hologic photography reflects the emotional benefit of the Hologic brand; the idea that science is at the core of everything we do; the products and technologies that drive our brand; and, when appropriate, the details of the products we sell.


    Above all else, our imagery should be relevant and meaningful, while balancing humanity with science.


      Science at the Core

      Products and Technology Details


      Our photography needs more than light, shade and shadow to be successful; it needs an idea, it needs a story and it needs to make an emotional connection with the viewer.

      • Real people, real needs, real stories
      • Natural, unrehearsed (not posed)
      • Simple compositions
      • Close-up on emotion
      • Diverse

      Science at the Core

      Our tagline says it all. The Science of Sure® represents the core of what we do and who we are. We are science-driven and purposeful, using science to achieve ever-greater certainty for medical professionals and their patients.

      • Authentic

      • Compelling

      • Inspiring

      • Sophisticated

      • Visionary

      • Precise

      • Clinical and scientific

      Products and Technology Details

      While we make things and sell them, they do not define us. It’s the benefits they bring, the peace of mind they inspire, the satisfaction and confidence they give that drives us forward.

      • Clean, white backgrounds
      • Soft reflections and shadows
      • Emphasize unique design
      • Heroic positioning
      • High resolution
      • Accuracy when showing products in use

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