Our typographic approach is meant to communicate in a bold and decisive way. The primary goal is precision and legibility, focus and clarity. We can’t ever afford to be misunderstood, and this area is no exception. 

      Usage Examples


      Large numbers can be knocked out of boxes for maximum legibility.

      Large numbers can lead off the side of solid or extremely low- contrast images, provided they  do not obscure anything. 

      Copy text within a solid color block should not bleed off the edge.

      Large titles or words can bleed off the color block, provided the word itself is fully legible and that the image or color block has no high-contrast areas behind it. 


      The relationship between type size and leading should be a value of 1.4, rounded to the nearest integer. This means:

      7 pt
      9 pt
      10 pt

      10 pt
      13 pt
      14 pt

      11 pt
      12 pt
      14 pt

      15 pt
      17 pt
      20 pt


      Many style guides call for type to be set at a width of 1.5 alphabets, or roughly 40 characters at maximum across. This keeps users from having to find their place again when finishing a line of copy. Because Hologic copy may include some technical language and longer words, we will cap the width of copy in columns to 55 characters. 


      Titling should be set at least 1.3 times the size of the body copy, rounded to the nearest integer. This means:


      Proxima Nova Bold

      Titles and callout text

      Proxima Nova Regular

      Knocked-out copy

      Proxima Nova Light

      Body copy

      Helvetica Neue Light Italic

      Captions and asides

      Helvetica Neue Light Italic

      Large numbers

      Font substitutions


      • Proxima Nova Condensed Bold
      • Proxima Nova Bold
      • Proxima Nova Light


      • Proxima Nova Bold
      • Proxima Nova Light

      Most other digital devices

      • Helvetica Neue Bold
      • Helvetica Neue