When we communicate—in print and social media, digitally and elsewhere—we can treat Hologic as a persona unto itself; a powerful entity that not only changes lives, but enhances lives and even saves lives. Our compelling brand identity allows us to engage and connect with people physically and emotionally. The language we use is a huge part of bringing the brand to life. The following walks you through who we are (and aren’t) as a company, and will help you write for and about Hologic.

    What we do in 77 words

    Hologic is a global medical technology company specializing in women’s health and well-being. We offer innovative solutions for screening, detecting and treating conditions and diseases that affect women throughout their lives, including breast, gynecological and skeletal issues; cervical cancer testing and sexually transmitted diseases. As a science-driven company, our products are backed by clinical evidence, ensuring that they perform as intended, so healthcare professionals can have greater certainty in their decisions and patients, greater peace of mind.

      The Science of Sure

      Tone of Voice



      Tone of Voice

      Our tone of voice is an expression of our brand personality, so it’s important to understand our personality to express it properly. Just as our own personality traits might be described by using words such as approachable, sincere or quiet, Hologic’s brand personality can be described in human terms in order for us to understand and express it better.

      We use these “traits” to ensure that our tone of voice is consistent and appropriate for the specific audience. In other words, one of Hologic’s personality traits is innovative, but you might express it differently when writing for everyday people versus our sales team versus other healthcare professionals.

      Ultimately, the perception our various stakeholders have of the Hologic brand is driven by how we express ourselves through our brand personality.

      We define our personality because if we don’t, others will do it for us. And, while it is impossible to create a comprehensive list of words that describe our brand personality, some of the most important ones are easy to identify and define.

      Passionate and engaging

      We’re proud of what we do and it shows, not only through our work, but also in the compelling way we express ourselves through our brand.

      Confident and authoritative

      We’re sure of ourselves without being boastful. We know our stuff and show it by including supporting data and other references where appropriate.

      Innovative and driven

      We’re never satisfied, but always trying to improve, enhance, reimagine and reinvent how healthcare is delivered.

      Honest and informative

      As a science-driven company, we only say what we know to be true, and never embellish, speculate or omit crucial information.

      Focused and purposeful

      While we develop products that benefit both men and women, we are especially focused on those that improve women’s health.

      Compassionate and caring

      Patients are first and foremost people, and we reflect that understanding by being empathetic, thoughtful and respectful of them and their healthcare journeys.

      Everything we write on behalf of Hologic reflects our brand—who we are and what we stand for.

      That means we know our audience. When we write for patients, we treat them with respect. We honor their humanity. When we write for our colleagues and peers in the scientific, healthcare and business communities, we use language that is respectful of their discipline and areas of expertise. It should go without saying that we follow the rules of standard grammar for our home language, no matter what that language is.

      We work in a complex industry. And sometimes we write about complex issues. Even then, clarity is key. It is our responsibility to ensure that when we write, we are expanding our readers’ understanding of the topic with precise, yet compelling language.

      Editorial Guide

      Check here for specific language usage guidance, words to avoid, templates, checklists and more.